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Image by Andreas Haslinger


Are you a current or former nail biter? Or maybe you love a crunchy or chewy snack when you’re stressed. Good news: your body is using that to help you!


When you’re chewing, your mouth is getting deep pressure (proprioceptive) input which has a grounding effect on your nervous system and helps with emotional regulation, focus, and attention. And since your mouth is one of the most touch-sensitive parts of your body, ora input is an effective way of doing it. That doesn’t mean you should bite your nails until they bleed or only eat chips, it means that you have oral sensory seeking behaviors. Now that we know that, you can find more helpful ways to get that same regulating input. Below you'll find a guide on food for sensory regulation. Please note, these are just suggestions, find things you like and use those.

Sensory regulation
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