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Evaluations are provided for the following:

  • Extreme Hardship Waivers (I-601/A)

  • Spousal Abuse (VAWA)

  • U Visas

  • T Visas

  • Asylum

Psychological evaluations are reports that can be used to help strengthen your case if you are applying for immigration on the basis of hardship, a waiver or seeking asylum.



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​Psychological Evaluation:

  • There will be a meeting with immigration lawyer to gain information and identify specific needs (when applicable).

  • Standardized and reliable symptom screening tools and severity measures to assess mental health symptoms and support clinical diagnoses will be administered.

  • Virtual meetings with the client will take place. Evaluations typically last 3-4 hours, and take place over 2 appointments.

  • A written report will be provided within 2-4 weeks of the completion of the assessments.

  • Further recommendations for treatment will be provided.


Written Report:

  • Clinical assessment, interpretation of symptoms and risk factors, and clinical diagnoses will be provided (when applicable). 

  • Inclusion of relevant medical, historical, cultural, systemic, and familial factors that will be impacted.

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The base rate for an evaluation is $800, which includes a clinical assessment with the client, communication with immigration attorneys, a written report, and reviewing additional documentation such as medical and mental health records. Fees will be discussed and agreed upon prior to starting services.

Additional Costs:

  • Court appearances

  • Expedited reports

Limited sliding scale (lower fee) evaluations are offered based on need and availability. 


Contact me to learn more about what an evaluation would look like for you. 

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Evaluations are done virtually using a HIPAA compliant video platform for adults located in California. Occasionally, in person evaluations can be done for an additional fee.


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